Advices on How To Use The Fitness Tube

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In this article we’ll give you some advice how to better use the website functionality to find the right video faster and get more relevant content.

1. Use top bar search.

Our powerful search feature will help you find the best video accordingly to its title. So enter the relevant keyword and it will show oyu the best related video to entered keyword.

2. Click on the tags below each video.

Each video have relevant tags to the subject so when you click on a specific tag it will show you the relevant videos of that keyword tag. For example if you are looking for video of woman training the you may click on “woman work” so you’ll see the videos where the workout is done by a woman.

3. Browse video categories.

If you are interested only in a certain category, click on it the top menu and on the new page there will be videos related to that category whether it’s strength, nutrition, inspirational, etc.

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  1. Loving content! Visiting not only for motivation but real workouts.
    You’ve selected the greatest guys on this vibe.
    Keep it great!

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